Your Guide to Facebook Insights for Your Small Business

Your Guide to Facebook Insights for Your Small Business

Having a successful Facebook strategy is essential to building a presence for your brand online. Understanding Facebook Insights is key to that. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about Facebook Insights and Facebook for small business.

Are you interested in using Facebook insights for your small business?

In the event that your Facebook page is underperforming or you just want to see more growth, Face insights are the perfect opportunity.

The smart use of Facebook for small business owners can be crucial to extend their reach and to promote the business.

Moreover, it helps you to better understand your consumers in an online environment.

Social media is here to stay, and the best option is to use it to your benefit. Read on to find out the basics of Facebook insights, and Facebook for small businesses.

Facebook for Small Business: Why?

First and foremost, if your business is not already on Facebook, you may be questioning why it should be.

Well, it helps you to find your target audience, establish authority, improve brand awareness, and improve your SEO.

Therefore, it is not only important to have a Facebook page for your business, but also to join relevant groups related to your niche.

Facebook Insights Overview

There are quite a few different components to Facebook Insights. Here is a basic overview of them.

Page Summary

The initial page summary will display important metrics for your Facebook page, such as likes, post engagement, page views, and reach.

This data can also be exported into an Excel file for further examination so that you can determine how to move forward with your Facebook for small business goals.

Recent Promotions

This section will show you how well your paid Facebook ads are performing, and help you determine which ones to invest more into.

You can also launch new promotions from this section, to help promote more engagement and a further reach.

Engagement Statistics

Facebook insights will also provide you with statistics on how well your five most recent posts are performing.

As well, it will include information about the date and time they were posted, the caption, targeting, and engagement. All of these can help you make additional decisions related to postings.

Pages to Monitor

The pages to watch section will show you comparisons of similar pages so that you can understand what others are doing to adjust your strategy.


The likes area of Facebook insights will show you how many people have liked your page that day compared to the rest, as well as information about net likes.

Page Views

This section will show you how many people have viewed your page, and the sources of the page view.


The final section of Facebook insights is the actions area, which will show you how many people clicked on certain action buttons while on your page.


Lastly, messages are also important components of a Facebook presence. In terms of being a small business on Facebook, make sure to engage politely and respectfully over messages as well.

Final Thoughts on Insights on Facebook

Facebook for small business can seem overwhelming at first, but it can provide you with key metrics to understand your business success and failures online.

Investing time and money into Facebook can help your business grow and flourish, as well as better establish your brand.

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