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What’s changing in digital marketing

email marketing


2017 has just begun and it looks like carrying big news in the web-marketing universe.

Some techniques, considered the bible of digital promotion so far, begin to waver.

May email marketing be one of them? Huh, a ticklish question, isn’t it?


Link Building?? Go keywords, you can’t go wrong!!


For sure, link building methods don’t work anymore.

Keyword research, which is actually market research, is still in great favor.

Keyword research and SEO are not estranged siblings; the first is a good part of the latter.

Many confirm that SEO remains the second most beneficial solution of client acquisition, being email marketing the first.

Just a quick tip about keywords.

You got to know that keywords can be:

  1. Informative. For example, “Best apps for sellers”
  2. Navigational. For example, “Campaign monitor vs Active Campaign”
  3. Desire based. For example, “Amazon Kindle features”
  4. Buyer. For example, “Buy cars online”

And Content??


So, what about content? We, as many others, consider it in the same family of SEO. Still, remind, content is not only text. Content, and so content that kills, is also drawings, photos, movies. It is all part of the big communication flow, and held in great respect by search engines.

With all that said, we are not going to study keyword research in depth, not here and not now. That was just to give you one more piece of relevant information, which you had better analyze in detail, providing you find a reliable source. We suggest using SEMRUSH (click here to go) as a [free] tool for keywords, and check their blog  and webinars where you can get invaluable information and tips.

Let’s bring this aside to a close and return to the question above, “Is email marketing about to be dethroned?”

Many marketers will say “Not bloody likely!” and with good reason. They manage huge mailing lists they use to harass people to exhaustion until they buy.

While it can be nice to receive informative emails about the things one loves the most, it is becoming actually distressing to keep up with the tons of emails our inboxes get any given day.

Many of us don’t even read them. Yet, it is rather time consuming to tick off all that junk and trash it, isn’t it?

A fair solution is to send followers emails when publishing a new blog post, or once a week in case of blogs that use to post many articles every day, perhaps even twice a month. However, this does not meet the necessities of many marketers and their strategies; therefore—good, bad or indifferent—email marketing doesn’t seem to be dying very soon.

Also using social media to spread content tempts people to look into a website, although this technique often results into spraying and praying, which is not exactly the right thing to do. These practices need improving, and paid ads on facebook or other social networks are all part of the game. Even though we are not going to detail this now, you have always to take into account that you must target your audience; thus, customer’s behavior remains your subject of investigation. Yes, you’ve got to use data unless you want to make your marketing efforts fruitless.

Notwithstanding, since technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, the Internet is mature enough to offer a new solution. We are not reinventing the wheel. As you know, Youtube has been around for 12 years now.


The age of video!!


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, now, the new bulwark of web marketing is video. For, if a picture is worth a thousand words, moving pictures are worth billions.

Nonetheless, this gives cause for more explanations and tips, which we avoid for the time being.

For sure, since we address our advice to businesses, don’t get us wrong, as we are not inviting you to place any unprofessional video on your business website just to feature one. Not a single piece of information that you put on your business website must ever sound like an amateur’s work.

Last but not least, an important tip. You are strongly advised to immediately suspend the hateful practice of sending last chance emails, believe us, it won’t cut it anymore!!

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