What is going to replace email marketing?

What is going to replace email marketing is a crucial question almost nobody can confidently answer.

Get a return of $43 on every $1 spent on Emails

You’ve heard so many times that a dollar spent in email marketing returns 43 dollars or so.

Yes, you’ve also heard that email marketing is dead, or it is dying, or it is so dramatically sick that it is terminally ill. Fact is, we keep receiving tons of emails.

Are they still effective?

Well, we don’t want to be the village idiot, this is not to boast about things of which we are not sure. This is a provocative message, sort of.

To what purpose?

To stop this phenomenon, used beyond measure, better still, abused, so that we are not forced to tick off dozens emails a day and fling them into the trash! Such a waste of time!

However, the 1 to 43 ROI reminds us of that guy who said, “There are ten people in my office. I’ve eaten ten donuts. What’s the average?”

The average… mind

As you well know, in general, an average in statistics is the number that measures the central tendency of a certain set of numbers.

Statistics deals with the collection and organization of data, it uses math and math is [often] right, but it also deals with interpretation, and so there is always someone who is left empty-handed, and many more than just someone!

So, when it comes to trusting someone completely, usually the marketing guru on call, please, a bit of nice judgement is never to be missing.

Do not interrupt people!

We are not sure what exactly is going to replace email marketing, messaging apps look to be the most likely resource available at the moment, although, the keynote here is, “Do not interrupt people!”

Seth Godin came up with the Permission Marketing idea almost 20 years ago, his book was published in 1999. Since then, so many marketers have been lavishing praise on him—so many of them know how to lick boots and not only—yet they kept flooding people’s inboxes. Sure, they asked for our consent, except that none of us ever agreed on getting spammed.

Okay, enough said, call it quit!

Here’s some numbers about using mobile apps instead of emails to launch your marketing campaigns.

You are free to download and share/repost this infographic as many times as you want. Remember, savoir-faire, never fear to be fair!



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