Shoppers. Join QOOBIX and Get Rewarded

Unlike Advertisers, who are those who use QOOBIX to create and publish marketing campaigns, Viewers are those who receive or come across landing pages and campaigns published by advertisers at QOOBIX. Simply, viewers are the recipients of marketing campaigns.

With that being said, we can affirm that viewers are prospects and customers. However, we decided to call Shoppers—persons who are shopping—those who interact with ads and benefit from deals posted by advertisers at QOOBIX.

Therefore, as a viewer or shopper, you can interact with campaigns and get rewarded by advertisers. Yes, because QOOBIX was made to encourage vendors and marketers to start reward-based campaigns, as value exchange ads are key to establish a fair business relationship between who sells and who buys. We regard marketing as a rewarding experience for both sellers and customers, indeed.

Share on Facebook and Twitter

Simply click on the share icon on top of the landing page. A window showing facebook and twitter icons will open for you to start sharing.


Follow an Advertiser

Click the feed icon on top of the landing page. A window will open inviting you to insert your pin. If you have one, just insert and click save, otherwise click on “Get a pin now” and register.


When registering, you are redirected to the following page. It is free, of course!



Type in your information and get your PIN.


You will receive an email with your PIN and a link to confirm your activation. Click on the link and start interacting with campaigns and get rewarded.

Get Rewarded

This is the most interesting part of the whole game.

Advertisers start campaigns at QOOBIX to reward their customers and build customer loyalty.

Scrolling the landing page you can see a padlock icon.



Click the padlock and insert your pin. If you do not have one yet, you can still register and get yours.


When you insert your PIN the advertiser receives your application, which means the system registers that you, by means of your PIN, are expressing your will to apply for that specific offer and reward. You are informed that by applying to a campaign the advertiser will get your email. Well, it is no crime, it is just permission marketing and you can decide to unsubscribe at any time. Of course, when you enter a campaign and an advertiser gets your email, they can use it out of QOOBIX by means of other marketing tools, normally for email marketing, so we are not responsible for their use and their policies. At the same time, consider that everybody has opt-out policies in place nowadays, unless they want to incur in heavy penalties.

The deal and the terms that regulate the collection for you to redeem the reward will show on the landing page. The advertiser, in fact, will take care to clearly express terms and nature of the offer. Do never interact with campaigns that do not clarify deal and terms. If you suspect an advertiser is acting speciously, please, report to us via our contact page. However, be informed that we are not responsible for advertisers’ behavior nor do we respond for their misfeasance; so, keep a sharp look-out.

When you apply to a campaign, you receive an email containing a specific ID formed by your PIN plus the campaign ID, e.g. 1234.0987 (being the first 4 digits your PIN and the latter the campaign ID). You might want to give this code to the advertiser in order to be rewarded. If you decide to abandon the campaign, click one more time on the clock icon and you are off. You will receive another email informing you renounced the campaign. Renouncing a campaign does not let you eliminate your email address from the advertiser’s account.

The clock icon shows the time left before the collection expires. Above the padlock and clock icons you see a note that reads “Limit:” It indicates the number of rewards, e.g. units or clients, etc., decided by the advertisers. If the advertiser decided to put a limit, you can get rewarded as long as there is still availability, e.g. available items, or number of clients.

Also check the QOOBIX.COM page as it features important information for shoppers too.




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