Video Platforms. Can’t see the forest for the trees.

Video platforms are boosting over the Internet these days, and we are reinventing the wheel if we remark the importance of videos in today’s communication strategy.

We wrote about this issue in the past, check here.

You have heard that videos are the future of content, right? Well, that future has already come.

Like it or not, people would rather see a video explaining your service or product than get bored over a long read.

Ever notice that most of us prefer to go to the cinema rather than just sit reading a book? Pure obviousness.

On the other hand, the digital universe is becoming a thicker forest—just so—as times goes on. If you don’t know how to handle it well, chances are you get easily hurt.

What do you choose? Too many options!

There are so many choices for every necessity, yet, you must pick the one that better suits your needs.

Sometimes, it is not an easy task. You are lured into subscribing to a service because they are very good at marketing; however, is it the right solution to your business?

When it comes to video making, you’ve got a wide range of platforms to choose from. Some are gorgeous, some are… er… dull. Again, some are very expensive, and some are missing the principle of easiness of use.

Welcome to Renderforest!

Therefore, while looking for a neat answer to our business needs, we came across Renderforest, and we are very happy. Not only have we found a great video making platform, easy to use, extremely powerful, and definitely cost-effective. We have found a great support team; kind and helpful people who really know how to put customer’s requirements first.

The platform has subscription plans, monthly and yearly—and the yearly plans are absolutely good value—and pay-per-export options at a reasonable price. All plans start free, yes, free, $0!

Besides, as informed by their website…


It’s a gorgeous service we certainly suggest without fearing you may get disappointed. It offers unlimited possibilities for every kind of videos. Neither is your creativity the only limit, as you find tons of inspiring stuff over there. You don’t need to be a pro to come up with your great video.

Fortunately, we managed to reach the guys at Renderforest and succeeded in interviewing them.

Hence, let’s listen to them in person.


Q – How did the idea come about?

A – The idea of the platform was born in 2013. At that time, we were only engaged in producing animation videos. We mainly worked with start-ups and the practice showed that many of them didn’t have enough funds to order animation videos. They had to buy video templates and then hire a specialist who would turn them into corporate videos. If the (company) budget of the start-up was not sufficient to hire a specialist they could try to edit the templates on their own which is a pricey, complicated and time-consuming process. The market lacked ‘the golden mean,’ which would overlap the two segments. That’s why we decided to create Renderforest.

Q – Well, Renderforest is 5 years in the market. What’s the most challenging issue you’ve encountered so far?

A – The growing competition of online markets is one of our biggest challenges. We work hard to provide our customers with the best of our service. As there are many other online video makers nowadays, rising our brand awareness and getting more popularity is our biggest goal.

Q – What makes your service different?

A – Our company provides video production services to everyone who wants to create high-quality videos online with no effort. This is a great opportunity to create animated videos without having additional knowledge in video production. Due to our built-in video maker, startups and small businesses can create their explainer videos, intros and all types of promotional videos with affordable prices. Moreover, many unique features and tools are integrated to our video editor which makes the editing process centralized only on our platform, and our customers don’t need to search for another solution for example like to find video footage.

Q – What’s something that would surprise people about Renderforest?

A – First of all, Renderforest’s main purpose is to provide the best quality templates with the best animation, the best style and design. The team does it s best to add many templates each week. No matter what field you represent, without any doubt you will find here what you are looking for.  The platform is completely free to use and our customers can create an unlimited number of videos without processing any payment, they can share and publish their pieces of art in minutes, i.e. rendering process takes less than you can imagine.

Q – Any particular improvements in the near future?

A – We are currently working on UX/UI improvements and soon we’ll add new features to our video editor and launch new video templates. We also do lots of A/B testing on our video editor to find out what our users prefer in frames of easiness of use.


We think this service deserves a try. You can subscribe free and no credit card is required.

Click here to visit Renderforest website and enjoy it!

Disclosure: Please, read our policy about ads and affiliate links. However, be informed that we feature only the best services. If something does not meet our high standards, then, it is not worth our time!

This is a video we made for our platform

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