URLs Optimization

URLs Optimization

This is the first post of our “Naked Tips” new series.

It is about URLs Optimization, as this plays a significant part in SEO Strategy.

URLs Optimization

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URLs Optimization – SEO Strategy –

#1 You cannot use underscores in your URLs _ search engines do not read them.

2 Prevent penalization from duplicate content. Use canonical URLs.

#3 Complicated and Dynamic URLs are never welcome; e.g. inhibit any URL with a ‘?” or ‘=’ from being indexed, disallow them with robots.txt.

#4 Capital letters in URLs are very confusing both for visitors and for search engines.

#5 Although this may sound pretty strange, if you make incomprehensible URLs for humans, neither are search engines able to read them.

#6 According to the structure of your website, if you use folders, put your best content on the root. You are expected to see something like this http://mywebsite.com/my-best-content.

#7 If your URLs change, you got to use 301 redirects [inform search engines] not to lose your positions.

#8 Since search engines read URLs to connect users with content, you got to place target keywords in your URLs.

#9 As URLs need to be optimized for mobile devices, you got to make your website mobile friendly. Search engines are very sensitive to this. (Psst… An app is a good way to improve mobile UX)

Additional tip.

Search engines “see” your brand, same as users do. So, upload your favicon.

Naked Tips by Sienda Weblines, the Weblines Club


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