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Why we made the Unique Identifier feature. And it is free!

QOOBIX’S unique identifier feature, UID, it’s being offered free. No need to renew, no credit card required. Join us at QOOBIX and get your deserved uniqueness. Because QOOBIX is unique and so are you!

A quick view.

QOOBIX is a very simple platform. The one function available now is called UID (Unique Identifier). Its purpose is to link a personal code to a specific web page as set up by the owner of the UID.


Everyone with basic IT knowledge can use QOOBIX. It is extremely easy and intuitive.
In the How it works section on this blog, you will find all you need to know to get started and manage this simple platform.

A unique and effective feature as a powerful marketing tool.

When we first came up with the idea of QOOBIX, we believed we should have built a reward-based marketing platform. That would have been nice to have a reward-based ads software to allow businesses to post their offers and give incentives in return.

Value exchange placements let people actively choose to engage with brands in exchange for something they consider worthwhile, particularly discounts, coupons, etc.

However, giants like Google and Facebook have everything in place to go with rewarding your customers.

That was no exception, and we wanted to make something exceptional with QOOBIX.

We thought that a specific purpose should be marking QOOBIX and a good one was to facilitate tasks.

Oh, well, which tasks were we going to facilitate? Is there anything that may sound more vacuous?

So, we came up with this strange idea, fairly weird to make us say, “It sounds like sink or swim, enough to become a laughing stock!”

The UID was born!

So then, we were like, “Let’s build a feature to enable people to get a unique PIN, a code that uniquely identifies them over the Internet. More personal than a domain name, something consistent that can label the user forever and through which they can redirect their audience to whatever page on the web.”

And the UID is the only feature to complement QOOBIX, thus far.

What does the UID, Unique Identifier,  consist of?

The UID enables the user to get a unique code of 1 up to 4 digits. There are 38 objects that combine with each other to generate e personal identification code into combinations of 1 up to 4 and, of course, the algorithm considers repeat objects, e.g. AA12, 11, 7##, etc.

The objects here are numbers 0 to 9, letters A to Z, and @ and # symbols.

Therefore, all combinations from 1 up to 4 that use the digits above mentioned are good to go.

What’s it in aid of?

You can link your UID to any web page so that anyone who types that UID into the search box at QOOBIX.NET is soon redirected to that specific URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

You are allowed to change the URL any time you like, yet, the UID remains unaltered.

That 1 up to 4 digits code remains your personal identification over the web.

The platform provides one UID per account for the time being; however, we are working to allow more UIDs per account.

You are free to choose your favorite numbers, letters or whatever combination, including the # and @ symbols, or let the system generate one for you. Hence, for example, a UID can be made of: 7, or 56, or A, or BCQ, or @1X, or M22#, etc.

Your domain name may change over time, or you might not have any domain at all, so you might want to redirect your audience to your social page (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.). Still, the UID remains your unique identification mark.

That’s why we think that our UID can be a powerful marketing tool!


With so many IDs, PINS and codes to remember nowadays it is pretty hard to recall one more. If the intention were to offer an easy reminder for a complicated website name, that would be ineffective.

But wait a minute. Imagine you are listening to the radio or TV, or someone tells you about a great service over the Internet. It is not so easy sometimes to remember a long domain name,, especially when you don’t know how to spell it. And it comes in handy to redirect to social accounts or pages with complex subdomains.

On the other hand, although we would not want to sound pretentious, this could stimulate a debate over the necessity of simplifying some tasks and functions that are a bit too convoluted. Unfortunately, still too many platforms and tools are not so easy to use for the average user.


We are offering the UID for free to all those who subscribe within July 31, 2018. We are extending the deadline for anybody who hasn’t had a chance to sign up.  Now through the end of July, take advantage of this sweet deal. We invite you all to subscribe and get your own piece of uniqueness. It is free and it is forever, no need to renew and no credit card is required! Join us at QOOBIX

Sometimes, new views and solutions come out of the weirdest ideas.

Check this post to learn how to start with the UID

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