First Unique Identifier Feature Available Online

QOOBIX UID can now be your powerful campaign identifier!

Everybody knows that being found online by potential customers is a top priority for most businesses. QOOBIX provides a great digital marketing solution to help you with this, and in an effort to make the process even easier we’ve got you covered with a free and tremendously effective tool.

QOOBIX is an easy to use platform offering a unique feature that is the first of its kind on the Internet.

Being called UID, short for Unique Identifier, the tool was first set to create a one to four-digit personal code to identify a user. However, we have now extended the length to 50 digits. Yes, fifty!! Which makes it even more pliable to a wider range of purposes. In other words, it is going to make things easier!

Wouldn’t it be more complicated?

This may sound strange, but, wait a minute, bear with us!

This code—the UID—is then linked to a web page—of the user’s choosing—so people are redirected to the page upon entering the UID in the QOOBIX box.

The most unique feature of this code is that, unlike a domain name, it does not have any extension and you can make it yours, uniquely, and launch your custom-made campaign.

Apart from a PIN identifying your business, it can also be your marketing campaign identifier.

No matter your business, you can set your unique word and use it as your marketing herald.

Sensible or senseless does not make any difference as long as it works like a money-making machine, which means, it has the power to attract your customers and boost your sales.

Just an example.

Let’s say you manage a restaurant and you want to launch a special offer that you call “crazymenu”

You choose “crazymenu” as your UID at QOOBIX and then link your UID to your blog post, or site page, or facebook, that is, whatever landing page you want your audience to reach.

Take into account that the UID is much easier to remember and to convey than a domain name, and as the owner, you have the ability to change the URL any time.

The unique identifier generator will essentially create a personal PIN for your campaign or company’s website.

Which characters are you allowed using?

All letters A to Z, all numbers 0 to 9, plus @ and # symbols.

The only limit here is your imagination. Of course, you can take advantage of very short UIDs as well, which are definitely useful.

Remember, all UIDs are unique, so you can set yours as long as it is not already taken.

It is a simple way to allow businesses to use any identifier they like from 1 to 50 characters and so redirect visitors from the QOOBIX platform to any page online.

While the UID is set to be a paid feature in the future, the promotion that is going on now provides companies an opportunity to get in on the “ground floor” and enjoy one code, for free, for life.

We understand that free business marketing tools are few and far between, which is why we are encouraging businesses to sign up now and take advantage of our free offer. Yes, we are providing the first UID for free. No credit card required.

You can then purchase multiple UIDs for as little as US$ 10/year!!

Our goal was to make the sign-up process easy and to help make generating traffic to your website a breeze. We are here to provide digital marketing solutions, which is exactly what our new QOOBIX feature offers.

This is just the beginning, and we consider creating more useful, seemly, and simple to use features.

Learn how to start with the UID, check here

Our offer. Absolutely free, easy to sign up, no credit card required, no commitments.


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