The must have tool for podcasters and radio advertisers

The must have tool for podcasters and radio advertisers

Enjoy the ultimate tool for podcasters and radio advertisers!!

Many freelancers, bloggers, marketers, and businesses promote their products or services over the radio or by podcasts. Normally, a radio spot lasts 30 to 60 seconds.

Basically, radio is used because it is a powerful medium, reaching a high percentage of the population. Some statistics, for example, report that up to 93% of American adults listen to radios. Quite a big number to be ignored.

Radio Advertising matters!

Radio advertising reveals to be such a great resource for small businesses, and that’s why you should take it into consideration.

Here’ some Nielsen’s links on radio audience measurement.

Recently, Seth Godin published a post about the importance of start a podcast.

Spread the word out without getting misunderstood

Therefore, assured that radios represent a huge opportunity for businesses to spread the word out, we posed ourselves a question, “Do people clearly understand the right address of your website when voiced over the radio?”

Hmm… what about those weird URLs like my-gr8-site.ext – or – buy2get3free.ext, or get342.ext? Not to mention very long names that become quite complicated to comprehend unless you see them in print.

There are a lot of nice website names out there, yet deceptive when heard over the radio or podcast.

And then there was QOOBIX UID!


No worries! QOOBIX UID is the solution. It is your powerful identifier, very easy to manage, super easy for everyone to understand.

QOOBIX provides a great digital marketing solution to help you with this, and in an effort to make the process even easier we’ve got you covered with a free and tremendously effective tool.

QOOBIX UID is available at QOOBIX.NET, it is an easy to use tool offering a unique feature that is the first of its kind on the Internet.

Being called UID, short for Unique Identifier, the tool creates a one to 50-digit personal code to identify a user, which makes it even more pliable to a wider range of purposes.

This code—the UID—is then linked to a web page—of the user’s choosing—so people are redirected to the page upon entering the UID in the QOOBIX box at QOOBIX.NET

The most unique feature of this code is that, unlike a domain name, it does not have any extension and you can make it yours, uniquely, and launch your custom-made campaign. It’s your personal keyword to let people land on your website. It’s your campaign identifier.

No matter your business, you can set your unique word and use it as your marketing herald.

No more unclear URLs over the radio with QOOBIX

Just set up your unique word (UID) and tell people to search it at QOOBIX. “Type pizza at QOOBIX.NET to reach us out” is far easier than a complicated pizza restaurant domain name to reach out your website, not to mention when you need people to land on a specific landing page you crafted with an unbeatable offer!!

Certainly, the UID is much easier to remember and convey than a domain name voiced through the radio, and as the owner, you have the ability to change the URL any time.

Remember, all UIDs are unique, so you can set yours as long as it is not already taken.

It is a simple way to allow businesses to use any identifier they like from 1 to 50 characters and so redirect visitors from the QOOBIX.NET platform to any page online.

Don’t wait. Get and enjoy your UID free, for life. SIGN UP!!

Yes, the first UID is free forever, and you pay only US$ 10/year for each UID you might want to start in addition to the first.

Learn how to start with the UID, check here. It’s easy and free!

Photo by Matt Botsford

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