The Exactness of Marketing

Now, if one does not want to sound naïve, not to say dumb, he or she should never attempt to show marketing as an exact science. Besides puerile, it could be imprudent, as it might as well sound diddling, “diddling considered as one of the exact sciences” like E.A. Poe would say.

The social reality, the only one we can actually experience, denotes the sad condition of job scarcity, insecurity, and precariousness and so, when there is nothing else in sight, many people rush headlong into digital marketing. Not only it does not require coding skills, it seems to involve very common abilities, and it takes little money to start. Yes, it seems… Even the sun seems to be close at hand when towering over at noon.

On the one hand, they read and listen to many marketers say “This is not rocket science, you can do that too!” On the other hand, those marketers say, “Do this and you will get that. No tricks, this is an exact science!” And they are not contradicting themselves, they said that “it is not rocket science,” not that “it is not any science at all!”

Trotting out solemn notions like science is always appealing. It might sound hilarious, to say the very least, to the educated, but it is alluring and even impressive to the simpleton.

This massive army of wannabe marketers flood the market and contribute to exceed demand; still, this is nothing but a typical phenomenon in our economy.

Just to let you know the low degree of such people I’ll tell you a short story.

Some weeks ago, I received an email from one of these brainy marketers. The guy was ready to reveal the secret of success. Brace yourself!

The magical formula was to hire people and pay them 100 while making them produce 500 or more.

Gee! Was he going to uncover the process of wealth production in the capitalist economy?

The world is so crammed with brilliant masterminds who reinvent the wheel at any Earth’s rotation around its own axis.

Then again, we are not here to crusade against the silly. We live in this age where everything and everybody is article of trade, and the plethora of tech devices and software solutions we are being given day in day out, does not help us feel better.

Our incessant need for innovation is not actually ours, and it better responds to the neurosis of our critical time.

Nevertheless, we have to run our business and go on with our lives, and although we know far better ways of using our time than marketing things, let us, at least, provide a piece of sound and efficient information, instead of a jumble of dull ideas.

Marketers sell apples and people buy oranges.

So then, there is no such thing as exact marketing.

What proves to be working today may well fail tomorrow.

When you plan your marketing strategy, including tactics, objectives, and tools, you are aware that they do not hold forever. However, what you have to consider is that you might as well need to amend your strategy. Don’t be surprised.

Your strategy relies on your business contingencies and condition. Yet, your business may require a shake-up, and this normally does not depend on you as you cannot rule the market but can only play accordingly.

You can make decisions over a very small part of your life in general, the rest is in the hands of the social game, which, like it or not, you cannot control.

A clear example is politics. Recently, we could witness how marketers sold apples yet people bought oranges. Striking cases like Trump vs Clinton and the Brexit speak volumes.

Marketers and analysts who tried convincing people and their employers about surefire forecasts that then miserably failed.

The social game is much more complex than marketers show.

All you can do is to focus your efforts to get a well-organized business, produce a high quality product and turn out an excellent service. In doing this, be always straight and frank, improve your business marketing performance by designing an efficient strategy and using the right tools appropriately and be practical when it comes to listening to advice (do not easily trust guru’s advice). And, yes, all of this involves money. If you think to thrive on a shoestring, chances are your ambitions will be frustrated.

As you can see, this is not a magical formula. It implies work, sweat, and struggle, and no one can guarantee you will succeed.

There is no one-size-fits-all recipe that magically lets you succeed. Not in marketing, at least.

Those who insist saying that there are set-in-stone formulas are plainly lying.

Ask yourself these questions and be honest:

#1 Is my product/service of any help to my prospects?

#2 Do I deserve trust? (Yes, You! If you are not reliable, then your business isn’t either).

#3 Is my business actually organized to face market challenges?

#4 How can I improve the quality of my production?

Remember, your clients are your best marketing agents.

Happy Marketing ya all!

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