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The Best Site Building Tools for Your Small Business

The Best Site Building Tools for Your Small Business

For your small business to succeed online, it needs a great website. Check out our list of site building tools that make the process easy and will make an amazing small business website design for you.

When it comes to small business website design, you don’t always have to pay thousands of dollars for a customized website. With so many Do It Yourself (DIY) web builders available online, you can create the perfect site for your business at a minimal cost to you.

But how do you go about choosing which platform that meets your business needs? Each option is different, with its own unique pros and cons.

In order to help you choose, we’ve analyzed 3 of the most popular website builders, including their strengths and weaknesses, to help you choose the right fit.

An Overview of WordPress

A giant name in the web design industry, Torque Magazine reported Wordpress as powering 27% of websites on the world wide web today.

It’s not surprising when you consider its robust Client Management System or CMS. With so many build tools and plugins available, it offers itself as a highly customizable solution for blogs, business websites, and e-commerce platforms.

However, if you aren’t familiar with HTML, CSS, or website design, you may find WordPress and its backend to have a learning curve. In order to take advantage of this web builder’s full capabilities, you have to be comfortable with at least a basic level of coding.

Many businesses who don’t have the time or knowledge to do this themselves hire web developers or a web design firm to build and manage their site for them.

Overall, WordPress is great for customization if you’re good with coding or are willing to hire an expert to do the hard work for you. Its pricing varies depending on whether you buy prepackaged site designs, host with WordPress, or buy your domain through them.

The Rundown on Wix

Are you seeking stunning, aesthetic web designs including mobile-friendly options without the complexity of WordPress and its backend? If so, Wix might be the answer for you.

Wix has a highly intuitive interface and a vast library of templates for you to use and customize as you see fit. There’s no coding knowledge needed, and with a preview design format, you can see exactly how your website will look as you’re designing it.

It’s capable of building e-commerce websites as well. Packages start at about $25 a month. Just keep in mind that if you build on Wix, you cannot export your site design later.

What starts on Wix, stays on Wix, so make sure you’re okay with being committed to them for the long haul.

The Ease of Weebly

Weebly is excellent for individuals who have no web design or development experience but want to create a professional website they can be proud to showcase to potential and existing clients.

With its packages starting at an affordable $8 per month, you can choose from existing templates, then use the visual editor to simply drag and drop images, text, and widgets.

However, with Weebly’s striking simplicity also comes limitations. The level of customization is minimal compared to WordPress, with even content placement restricted to the areas provided.

If you’re looking for a simple small business web design solution that anyone can operate, Weebly is a great choice. Just don’t expect to try anything too advanced.

Spread the Word About Your New Small Business Website Design

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