The 7 Steps to Publishing Your Campaign

7 Steps are all it takes to get your campaign running on QOOBIX.
The interface is very simple and intuitive.
Let’s explain how it works step by step. You are free to post comments in order to ask for help, submit your tips for improvement etc. Only, please, stick to the rules, read here comment policy on our forum guidelines. Many thanks.

Let’s start!

Step 1 – Start New Campaign

So, when you click on the CREATE CAMPAIGNS function on your dashboard, you land on the first step. You are ready to start your successful campaign!


First, you need to name your campaign and then click on the category box and pick one that suits you.

Now, it’s time for you to write your copy. This is the main message that appears on your landing page.

When you’re done, click on the button Create draft, the system will register your draft, assign an ID to your campaign, and finally take you to the second step.

Remember that drafts are available up to 180 days before being automatically removed.

You can edit your draft anytime before publishing.

STEP 1-2

Step 2 – Your Location

The step 2 lets you show a store and/or a website where your offer is available. Of course, you are free to insert both if need be.


If yours is a street-side business, then you must enter your store, or stores, into the Store archive (Your Account –>Stores) on your Dashboard.



When adding stores, you have to insert name, address, zip, city, country, and region/state. Stores cannot be edited, you need to delete the whole record and start with a new registration. See here for more information.

Remember that you can use the description field at the first step to give your customers information.

If you want to show your website, here is the proper field.


From now on, you can see 2 buttons down on the page, “Save step” and “Save and next step.” Click the first if you just want to save and stop creating or editing, click the latter if you want to save and go on.

Right under the buttons, you see the numbers for the steps 1 to 7 and the button Preview. You can move along the steps by clicking on the desired number (or Prev and Next), and, of course, click the button Preview to see any changes in your draft. The Preview function lets you see what your campaign looks like before you publish it and so you can still make all the necessary editing.

Mobile App.

Let’s spend a few words about the QOOBIX’s mobile app. The app publishes the campaigns made by advertisers as a scrolling feed. The viewer can pick a country and see all the campaigns issued in that specific country. More filter functions are coming (e.g. town, zip code, etc.). However, the  mobile app is important because it is designed to send push notifications to followers informing about the latest campaigns. Hence, if you publish a campaign and there are people who follow you on QOOBIX, they will receive a mobile push notification through the app. At present, the app is under development and will be available asap. Click here to learn more

Step 3 – Reward

Rewarding customers is the reason why QOOBIX was made. We’re pretty sure that rewarding is one of the best marketing tactics, since it works as a powerful magnet to attract prospects and build customer loyalty. QOOBIX is a free platform for launching marketing campaigns with extremely engaging features, particularly apt for small and medium businesses.

So, the Step 3 is where you define your reward and start your rewarding experience, rewarding for both you and your customers.



More tips about how to use it properly will be published here on our blog.
First thing, you have to select dates in order to let your customers know when it will start and end. Keep in mind that your campaign will be available on QOOBIX as of the day you fix your start date. So, for example, if you create a campaign today but want it to go live in 5 days, set the date you want it to start and click publish at the final step 7 as if you were to post it now. It will be automatically published at the scheduled time. You also need to decide when it ends, but you might want to know that you can make it last as long as you need. Of course, you can always suspend and reactivate any of your campaigns by means of the function “Summary” on your dashboard.


Your customers will interact with your campaign by clicking on the padlock icon on your landing page.  When they click the padlock icon, Qoobix asks them to insert their PIN. Viewers, or shoppers, must get their PIN code in order to get rewarded by registering with their email.

QOOBIX will then register the click so that you may know how many people are joining and the email of those who clicked. When a viewer clicks on your campaign and then claims his/her reward, they have to disclose the code they received from QOOBIX, consisting of their own PIN code (4 digits) plus your campaign ID, e.g. 1234.9876. You can check who is entitled to redeem the prize by means of the REWARDS function on your Dashboard. If the code provided by your customer matches, then you’ll know that your customer is eligible for the prize. Check here for the redemption process.

Set limits and terms.
Decide how many rewards you want to assign or let the default value at “No limit.”
Let’s say you want to reward your customers with a special bonus discount of 30% valid for their next purchase when they buy $100 in a certain period (start and expiration date).
You can either agree that the offer is valid, for example, with no limits, or just for the first 50 customers if you mean to grant 50 coupons. Specify this into the Terms box, and be clear about the terms of collection. Of course, if you are giving away 50 coupons, then type 50 in the limit box.
Again, let’s say you run a pub and you are going to reward your clients with a special offer of $1 a pint every Tuesday evening from 7 to 9 pm. If you want to reward anyone who walks into your pub, for example from March 1st to June 30th, on Tuesdays 7 pm to 9 pm, then just leave the default limit set to “No limit” and specify terms in the box.
Always clarify your terms of collection as people do not like nasty surprises by the time to redeem their prize.
Be clear, honest, and keep your promise.
​There are so many ways to make this work for you, and, for example, you can send them to a specific page of your website or social page, or wherever you want, by using the website function at Step 2 or setting a CTA on your terms box (see below).
However, please, check our Reward Rules, where we point out how you must comply with your campaigns. Besides, check our Terms of Service, as we have specific policies for certain items and business. In the case of alcohol, for instance, we accept that you publish ads about wines, spirits and other alcoholic drinks but you are required to specify that you agree with sensible drinking policies, that alcohol is prohibited to people under the age of 18, and that is highly not recommended to make abuse of it. Always check our ToS and specially the paragraphs User content (content submitted by the advertiser) and Contribution to Website.

Use Terms to set a CTA (Call To Action)

Hey, wait a  minute! An important tip here. You can use some html in the Terms box. Let’s say you want to prompt your audience to visit a certain page on your website (a sales page, etc.). Well, you can induce them to perform that specific action by adding, for example, the following text, “<a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Click here to find out more</a>” without quotes, of course. Your landing page will show the following message “Click here to find out more” as a clickable text. Replace with the exact url you want your audience to be redirected to.
Keep into account that when people click the padlock icon to get rewarded, their emails are disclosed to you. Needless to say, always put in place opt-out policies when using those emails out of the QOOBIX platform (e.g. tools and software other than QOOBIX).
One more important tip! Particularly when you run a fixed number campaign, such as a campaign that provides a limited number of items or seats, in other words a limit to the number of rewards, you are welcome to specify in the terms that people must fulfill the contact form on the landing page in order to get in touch with you for further information. This way you get more of their contact details and make sure they won’t fail to show.

Step 4 – Your deal

If enabled, this step lets you decide the terms for your deal. Here you can show prices or discounts on your landing page. You can pick your favorite currency, at the moment only USD, GBP and EUR are available.
Therefore, decide your currency and enter a value.
Let’s say you want your customers to know that you are selling your item for US$ 10.50. You might want to apply a discount. Well, just type the discount into the discount box and you are done (e.g. 10 for 10%).
 If you just want to feature a discount without any price, then tick off the box “Only Discount.” Type the discount you want to apply and you are all set.

Step 5 – Contact form and newsletter

In the Step 5 you are requested to insert the email address where you want to receive emails from your audience via the contact form placed at the bottom of your landing page.


In addition, this step lets you enable the Newsletter feature if you want to send newsletters to your followers and benefit from another great feature for free.
Viewers can follow you by clicking the follow icon on top of your landing page.
They are informed that they may receive newsletters from advertisers they follow, so they can un-follow or unsubscribe any time.


QOOBIX respects people’s privacy, so you, as an advertiser, certainly know how many people are following you by checking your admin account but you will never know your followers’ emails, unless they accept your reward offers.
Hence, assuming 1,000 people are following you, you are sending to 1,000 prospects upon activating the Newsletter function. Consider that you can send newsletters any time you make a new campaign.
Once  more, remember that you can capture emails by the contact form on your landing page and your reward-based campaigns when people click in order to get rewarded.

Step 6 – Spice your campaign with pictures and videos

As we all know, one look is worth a thousand words, and so Qoobix invites you to insert a background image of 1600×1000 px (jpg, tif, bmp, pn, gif – max 1 Mb). If you need to get beautiful images you can check for free photos.
Once you have uploaded the background image, you are allowed to add two more optional pictures (1600×1000 px) and a video.

At present, only videos from YouTube are allowed. Just type or paste the YouTube URL to the video and you are done, e.g.


You might want to reduce the size of your pictures, in this case go to and get smart jpg and png compression for free. If instead you need to resize your image, go to
or both are very simple and free services.
Check this page on our blog if you need pictures ready to be posted on QOOBIX.

Step 7 – Confirm and Publish

Finally, you’ve got to the journey’s end. You now have to confirm and publish.
In order to get it right, you are requested to confirm that you agree with our terms of use. Check our User Agreement for further information.
 We recommend a preview be launched so that you can edit your draft before publishing.
 Happy Marketing and many thanks for campaigning with QOOBIX!!


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