Ten tips to help you fix your marketing strategy

Ten marketing tips to help you fix your marketing strategy and approach.

Text version.

#1 No product is good for everybody.

#2 Create a story and stick to it. It’s your best marketing bet.

#3 Do not tell things that fail at checking. Counterfeit is not an advisable practice.

#4 You cannot convince people that don’t share your story’s worldview.

#5 Be chary when mentioning facts. Stories are what people are more likely to buy, not facts.

#6 Be consistent. Streamline your business communication as inconsistency gets you in trouble.

#7 Don’t profess to be the mouth of truth. Truth lives on a very slippery ground.

#8 People buy things that make them feel better.

#9 It’s pretty hard to change the way people think, and basically impossible to change the way they do things.

#10 Always consider your team as part of your marketing.

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