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Social video is boosting

Social video is growing fast and it is a key factor of mobile advertising growth.

No mystery that Facebook Live and Snapchat Discover, among others, have been working hard improving their video platforms over the years. Yet, this is not going to stop.

According to MAGNA social video advertising spend will increase to US$ 8 billion in 2018 in the United States.

social video spend

Source: MAGNA

People persistently consume social videos on the go, which means using their smartphones and tablets. This continuous rise in mobile consumption causes social platforms to improve their video services and promote videos.

Of course, it is absolutely unadvisable posting nonprofessional videos as commercials, the same as creating poor content for marketing. Marketing must be done right or not at all. The risk of coming out with terrible promotional messages, whatever shape they take, is too high. One does not want to spoil their business because of bad marketing.

Nonetheless, there are so many services today and so many talented people in order to get a professional video for your commercials without breaking the bank.

However, we strongly advise to give it a thought and start getting an acceptable video ready so that you may improve your promoting impact.

For sure, the QOOBIX platform—coming soon on the web—will allow advertising with videos, apart from pictures.

A web platform designed for promotional purposes and not including videos is quite anachronistic today.

Videos are a powerful magnet if you want to attract new prospects to turn into customers and then customers into repeat customers. Building customer loyalty is keynote today.

It’s no hard guess answering why videos play a major role in advertising these days. For If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.

Certainly, a single image can convey much more meaning than words as it reduces complexity, yet a video can be even more effective. In a short video, you can express what that is in a series of pictures, and since it is moving, it has a great ability to entice the viewer.

Do not forget, as everything regarding business, it requires professional touch.

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