QOOBIX is alive and kicking!

As promised, we simplified QOOBIX’s interface and now it’s open and ready to welcome your campaigns.

In about a month—we launched it on November 25th, 2017—we’ve been testing it, along with some friends who assisted us in refining and making the platform more flexible. And of course, their precious contribution helped us debug and fix some imperfections. We are so grateful to all of them.

Let’s recap.

QOOBIX in a nutshell.

QOOBIX is a platform designed for advertising according to the so-called reward-based marketing method. When you recompense your followers for the time they dedicate interacting with your campaigns, or give your customers a prize for being loyal to your business, the relationship with your prospects and clients becomes a real rewarding experience and you are more likely to increase your sales and thrive.

You do not need a credit card to sign up. It is free and there are no hidden fees.

Paid features.

We implement some paid features in the platform, the only one at the moment is the UID. However, you don’t need paid features to use QOOBIX.

What’s the UID?

The UID (Unique Identifier) is an exclusive feature by which you assign a PIN of up to 4 digits to your business. By means of your personal UID, QOOBIX users will find you easily as you may redirect them to your website or any other page over the web, including your landing pages. The UID is a paid feature and its price is just US$ 10/year thanks to our promotion valid through June 30, 2018.

All those who will purchase this feature within June 30th, 2018 are welcome to enjoy our grandfather clause, which gives you to benefit from renewing at that price forever and getting 20% off from future paid features. Payments are operated by Paypal, so we do never know and store your financial information. Check here to learn more about the UID.

Easy and effective.

QOOBIX’s interface is very simple and intuitive; only 7 steps is what it takes to generate a beautiful and engaging landing page. As an advertiser, you can set up your CTA, send newsletters, reward your customers and check who is entitled to get the prize or just run discount promotions that will remunerate a larger audience. One way or another, QOOBIX urges you to give a prize to your customers as this is what effective marketing is meant to be.

As a shopper you can sign up for free and get the best deals you meet on the main page of the platform at qoobix.com. You can follow your favorite vendors, interact with them in order to get rewarded, contact them and share their ads. Learn more here.

All ads at QOOBIX are shareable on Twitter and Facebook.


QOOBIX output is responsive, so, the main platform at qoobix.com, and all the landing pages you generate, are ready for any device. A proper mobile app is being coded and made available as soon as possible.
At the same time, the dashboard and the tools you use to generate your adverts require a desktop computer.

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