Qoobix Main Page and Search Box

First, you have to navigate to qoobix.net in order to use the platform.

As for the qoobix.com domain, it redirects to qoobix.net, so it is the same, you can type either in order to start.

When you open the QOOBIX site, you see a search box. It is not so difficult. You only have to type a certain UID, press GO, and wait for the magic to happen.

This is what the QOOBIX main page is like.



How the Search Box works

At the moment the only function available in the search box is the UID, this box will be implemented with more functions in the future. The UID is the unique identifier that uniquely identifies a user inside the QOOBIX database. Check this post to learn more.

Hence, if you type an existing UID into the box and push the GO button or press enter, you are redirected to the URL set up by the UID owner.

For example. If you type the UID “0” —without quotes—and press enter or click GO, you are redirected to siendamedia.com because the owner of the UID labeled with 0, Sienda ltd, has set their URL to that website.

Register and Log in

Functions to Sign up and Login are located at the footer.


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