QOOBIX The First Web App That Lets You Easily Redirect Customers To Any Page On The Internet

Sienda Ltd. Launches QOOBIX the First Unique Identifier Feature Available Online.

Designed to make online use easier, Sienda Ltd has launched the first internet feature of its kind, QOOBIX, which creates unique codes to identify users.

What is QOOBIX?

QOOBIX is an easy to use platform offering a unique feature that is the first of its kind on the internet. Called UID, short for Unique Identifier, the tool creates a 1 to 50-digit personal code to identify a user. This code works as a personal keyword and is then linked to a web page – of the user’s choosing – so people are redirected to the page upon entering the UID in the QOOBIX box.

Why use it?

The most unique feature of this code is that, unlike a domain name, the UID is much easier to remember and to convey and, as the owner, you have the ability to change the URL any time. Additionally, we have a special offer going on right now. We are providing the first UID free for life to those who subscribe by December 31, 2018.

First UID free for life.

When you sign up at QOOBIX, you receive a bonus code that enables you to get your first UID free for life. Just enter the bonus code you find in your welcome email into the box within your profile page and you are done. Enjoy your UID free for life and make it work for you.

But wait, there’s more! As a user, you’re free to create as many UIDs as you want. Apart from the first – free for life if you subscribe within December 31, 2018 – all the other UIDs you make are offered for just US$ 10/year. You’re free to renew or not. No mandatory subscriptions, no contracts, and no obligations. It’s free to sign up and no credit card is required.

PayPal, the safest and securest online gateway for payments, operates transactions for paid UIDs. You don’t need to have a PayPal account, you can use your credit or debit card. Rest assured, your financial information is of no interest to us nor will it ever be kept on the server of eternity. We do not see your financial information.

How we manage your data.

We are GDPR compliant, which means, your data is safe with us and you can cancel at any time.

We do not transfer your data to partners so that they can flood your inbox. Neither do we like email marketing as a means to sell you things. This will not happen, and that’s a Promise!

Who benefits from this feature?

All those who need a shortcut to redirect visitors to a particular web page making sure a difficult URL is not confusing. QOOBIX’s UID is your keyword that no one but you can change. Your Unique Identifier means no one can compete for that keyword against you.

How do you create your UID?

QOOBIX is very easy to use and intuitive. It does not require special skills. Check out this post on our blog to learn how it works.

You can create your UID using letters A-Z, numbers 0-9, plus @ and # symbols, and of course any combination of them. A UID can be: 5, or @20, or lovepizza, or #be1, or marketing, or aniceplacetovisit and so on. Everything from 1 to 50 digits, using the characters abovementioned without space, and you’re good to go. The UID is not case sensitive; so no matter how people type it into the QOOBIX box, it will redirect right to your page.

Possible scenarios.

Let’s say you need to advertise your website or a specific web page during a radio show or podcast. It is not so easy to get people to your URL particularly when it is long and or ambiguous.

Think of someone speaking on the radio who says, “Visit wemadeit4u.com.” Not to mention when you need visitors to land on a specific page and not your home page, as for example “wemadeit4u.com/getthisoffer” or “blog.wemadeit4u.com/best-places-for-brunch-in-ny”

Again, imagine you need people to reach your social page, such as Facebook, Instagram, or your Ebay or Amazon store. There are so many tricky URLs out there but QOOBIX fixes it all.

Now, it’s a breeze with QOOBIX. All you have to say and do is, “Go to QOOBIX, type food and enjoy it!” Considering your UID at QOOBIX is “food”

Of course, someone might say that qoobix.com is itself confusing. No it’s not, apart from reaching the platform at qoobix.com or qoobix.net; you can simply type qbx.app on your browser and there you go!

QOOBIX is also available as an app you can download from Google Play Store

iOS will be coming soon.

Give QOOBIX a try, it’s free!

Yes, no tricks, just treats! It’s easy, and it’s free!


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