Nathaniel Barlam

Nathaniel Barlam, Architect of Art

Like many of you, we are very fond of Rock Music and so there is a long list of epic songs with which we’ve grown up and still remain carved in our hearts and souls. Rock Music is much more than a musical phenomenon, it’s a lifestyle and a philosophy indeed.

We become adults, life takes us around and sometimes radically changes all our aspirations, ideas and affections. But there is one thing that remains unchanged, if you grew up loving Rock, that is your Worldview.

Loving Rock means knowing how to appreciate talent, not only in the field of music, because Rock is not just music.

Supper’s Ready is one of those epic songs. A hit by the British Progressive Rock Band Genesis. The song is from their album Foxtrot (1972).

Nathaniel Barlam is a talented architect from New York. He works for a company that designs façade systems for skyscrapers. However, Nathaniel is also a drummer and an illustrator, a very versatile and extremely talented artist.

We define Nathaniel architect of art for his ability to bring together technique and creativity. This multifaceted artist, not only is capable of exceptional visions and landscapes, he also demonstrates a refined and exquisite technique.

In 2017 he decided to illustrate the memorable tune by the Genesis and posted a video on his Youtube Channel.

Nathaniel’s Youtube Channel, which achieved well over 11K subscribers, features more of his fabulous illustrations, among which the entire Rock Opera “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”

Here we post the video for Supper’s Ready; however, we invite you to check his page on Behance, because we are certain you will love this brilliant artist

Enjoy here Supper’s Ready, epic song by the Genesis illustrated by Nathaniel Barlam