About Marketing – Episode #2

Well, after the first episode of our discussions about marketing, we are now here to stress over an important concept: Consumer Behavior.

Preliminary remarks.

A serious online marketing strategy must rely on serious marketing tools. Nonetheless, this is not enough. Skills are king here.

You need to fully and professionally manage the tools and communication techniques. In other words, all the knowledge involved in these practices.

Hence, experts must plan your marketing strategy. It is not something that can be made by jack-of-all-trades!

One of the crucial points in your marketing strategy relates to consumer behavior.

Consumer behavior.

Consumer behavior (aka customer behavior) is an interdisciplinary branch of knowledge involving psychology, economics, sociology, and statistics. Although psychology claims to be the mother of this field of knowledge. It focuses on people as individuals, or groups, or organizations, in order to analyze the processes they use to choose, secure, employ, and dispose of products, services, experiences, or even ideas to satisfy their needs and wants. What products, services, experiences, and ideas have in common here is that they are meant like commodities in the economic acceptation of the capitalist system of production and distribution.

So, what does customer behavior mean into your marketing strategy?

Many people think that they can sell more by learning how to improve their sales skills. This means everything and nothing at the same time. Unfortunately, there are so many charlatans out there, and so many pigeons to pluck.

Yes, the sales process rests also on persuasion, no doubt. However, what many sales people cannot understand is that they are not meant to think only of themselves, they have to think over their clients or potential clients if you will.

One learns how to sell more when they learn how consumers behave when deciding to buy this or that.

Now, the problem is, since strategy is king, first thing first, you have to plan a powerful marketing strategy, which implies a deep study about your customers behavior.

How do you plan a powerful marketing strategy?

This is not simple. You need pros working at your marketing strategy. We mentioned this before.

We may well give you tips, and that’s what we are doing in this blog. Never the less, we cannot plan your marketing strategy on this blog.

Why? Simply because each marketing strategy must be tailored according to your own requirements.

Just like individuals, each business is different. How could we propose a marketing strategy that works for everybody?

Undoubtedly, there are common traits, there is a technique, and there are steady points. Yet, this pertains to the methodology to follow; it does not define your marketing strategy with all the tactics and tools to employ.

Therefore, apart from offering an impeccable product/service, knowing your competitors, and being organized to win the challenges every business must face, you need to know how your customers, and prospects, behave while making their decisions over purchasing this or that.

This is capital in order to plan a powerful marketing strategy that matters.

How do you find out how your prospects behave?

There are powerful tools out there to help you understand consumers’ behavior. Some are free, some are not.

Here’s a list for you.

These are Free

Marketer’s Almanac by Google

American Fact Finder

Business Dynamic Statistics

Hubspot Research

Make My Persona by Hubspot

My Best Segments, by Nielsen

Pew Search

Free and Paid Plans

Survey Monkeys


Paid plans





Again, more resources to get info about demographics and media habits

Ipsos Mendelsohn
Media Audit
Neilsen Scarborough

Specific for Online Behavior

Google Analytics

Plus we mention


Of course, there’s even more out there!

As always, we are here to help, so, do not hesitate to get in touch with us if need be.

Last, as for example, this is an infographic from Scan Life about consumers using mobile phones.

Source: Scan Life

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