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Long posts and their uselessness

Long posts and their uselessness. The question is “Who benefits from wordy articles that irritate the reader?”

Why, if I want to know where to buy the best donuts, have to go through the whole history of Pastry up to these days? And maybe even starting from the fertile crescent where it all began?

As this blog does not care about proselytizing, we just don’t stress on useless things. Writing very long posts that repeat and repeat empty words only to get people stuck while eagerly waiting to know what’s the secret of this and that. We prefer giving practical and instantaneous information.

What’s wrong with being clear and concise?

How many times have you ended up pissed by blogs that could have been of 300 words, but they extended up to a couple of thousands, pathetically meaning nothing?

The story goes that long posts perform better than short ones. We just don’t care!

We inaugurated “naked tips” blog posts that come straight to the point without taking the long and winding road that leads to harassment.

Excuse me Fab Four for the improper citation.

Being bothered and annoyed is not the kind of item people are going mad to buy!

If one is interested in knowing how to make a powerful facebook ad, why teasing them with lengthy sequences of blah blah blah blah? Be straightforward and that’s all!!

They do that because they were indoctrinated by the Web gurus in that long posts are what Google wants you to write so as to get people staying at your site the longer as possible. The more time they spend at your website the better. The relentless shooting of their advertising will be more effective.

This doesn’t mean that you must not publish detailed guides. I mean, let’s say you want your audience to learn how to use Windows 10. Well, you certainly cannot write down a 500-word post, but you can definitely cut off all the unnecessary frills.

I hope that Google’s algorithm will soon be updated and penalize all the sites of those ridiculous pundits who, to describe a simple process, smear their blogs with thousands of useless words.

Credits: Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

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