Leo Moracchioli

Leo Moracchioli A Talent Like Few Others

Leo Moracchioli, an amazing guy!

Leo Moracchioli, is a Norwegian multi-instrumentalists and particularly gifted musician, widely renowned for his metal covers of many popular songs. His forays span from classic rock songs to blues, reggae and more. Once Leo covers a song you cannot but expect extraordinary sound and fun. His verve is extremely involving and his ability undoubtedly excellent. He has his own label Frog Leap Studios and his YouTube Channel has reached over 3.7M followers to date, while videos are rightly rewarded with millions of views.

Here’s his interpretation of Johnny B. Goode. Enjoy it all and, please, follow his YouTube channel where you can discover his fantastic repertoire. Leo is absolutely EXTRAORDINAIRE!!

Frog Leap

Image credit: Leo Moracchioli