Keep Calm and Forget About Marketing

foget about marketing

Yes, Keep Calm and Forget About Marketing.

The industry is so full of scammers. They promise you everything, but they give you nothing.

Armies of improvised people who ignore the relevance of marketing and all they want is to sell you something.

First thing first, let’s face it, you don’t have time to follow all the gurus out there who swear to make you rich if you follow their blogs, courses, podcasts, etc.

The thing is, you need strategies to make yourself known over the web and beyond, if anything. The truth is you need to implement some goddamn marketing to get this done.

However, more than ever, you find guys and gals who know absolutely nothing, but they brag about to be the king or queen of this and that. Don’t trust them. Not even if they can prove they are successful.

What if they are successful?

What does that mean that they managed to make themselves millionaires? The quick answer – which in this case is the only one – is many people don’t know what to do and fall on the net. Please, don’t.

Few are those who can actually teach you something. You start by following the best.

Seth Godin. Check his websites. Read his blog, it costs 0 and it is full of insights and recommendations.

No one can compare to Seth’s insightful advice. You don’t need to get mad on stupid things to do, as do this, no do this, but then do also this, and, remember, do that this way or else…

A jumble of worthlessness!!

Let them drown in the ocean of their nonsense, useless things that do not give results.

Let them sink into their idiocies, don’t waste precious time.

Here’s more valuable info

If you want to learn about SEO and tactics check these out

Brian Dean – a serious guy who really knows what he says

Nathan Gotch – another talent that does not linger on trivial things

SEJ – Search Engine Journal, if you want to go more technical

Remember, SEO is 3 things:

1 Content

2 User’s Experience

3 Links

Whoever says there’s more doesn’t know a goddamn thing about SEO.

So, forget about stupid marketing practices, forget about all the bullshit they want you to buy. Focus on creating great content and listen to advice of experts, not those rowdy imbeciles that invade the Internet.

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