SEO 2018

How to sail across the 2018 SEO Sea without being capsized

Whatever business you run, if you have a website this affects you. No matter big, small, selling chewing gums, or repairing homes. Stick to this advice.

Security first

You already know that Google penalizes—unfortunately this is true—websites that don’t install an SSL certificate. This plays a major role on your rankings. So, don’t overlook this main factor, unless you want to see your efforts go up in smoke. So many hosting companies are now offering SSL certificates for free. At the same time, if your business requires to buy one, do not hesitate, don’t compromise your reputation for a handful of dimes.

Starting a new website or blog?

If you are starting a new website or blog, consider as a safe place to host it, the new plans are quite valuable and you can focus on your business content without worrying over technical issues. Frankly, we take part in the affiliate program, but I am giving out this advice fully conscious that technical issues may represent a serious problem for your website, particularly when you are not so skilled. Hence, you might need peace of mind while focusing on thriving your business.

I advise for safe and secure hosting services also because security not only is about installing SSL, it is also about protecting websites and data, particularly information provided by users.

In this regard, you’d better keep informed with the new GDPR policy, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) which will be effective from May 25th, 2018. Also, check with ICO if you are based in the UK. Apart from complying with search engines requirements, you will avoid severe fines.

The bottom line here is that Google is definitely resolute on making security a key factor in SEO.

Mobile, mobile, mobile…

This is no news. Responsiveness has been a matter of fact for at least 5 years now. Your website must adjust to all screens and deliver a full-blown web experience. The time for designing desktop-first style websites has come to a close as mobile-first designs have taken over. Websites that look minimal yet elegant and perform well and fast on mobile devices will rank higher. Also, consider that people in developing countries have normally access to the Internet through mobile devices, as they do not have key infrastructures to guarantee the latest communications technologies.

Subtle changes in Google’s algorithms are now more important than ever.

Google drastic SEO changes are not being scheduled. Yet, small updates are the new challenge. Make sure to stick with Google’s next small updates and publish first class content on your website. This is what Google is going to reward.

Google is going to reward new technologies.

Google invests a good deal of money in new technologies. Think of the smart speakers “Google Home” for example. Like Amazon’s Alexa they are smart personal assistants that automate your home environment and help you search the web.

For example, Amazon, on its developer site, states, “Use our toolkits to reimagine your customer interactions with Alexa. Join us to push the boundaries of what’s possible with voice and advance conversational AI.” Yeah, sounds like we’re entering the future!!

Well, it is not easy to optimize your SEO for such a high tech device but this is to consider as of now. Read this remarkable article on MOZ by Dr. Peter Meyers, it is definitely inspiring.

Enjoy this infographic and feel free to share and repost.


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