How to add a Call-to-Action to your Campaign.

As mentioned on this post, you can add a call to action by using some html in the Terms box at Step 3, that is the “Reward” step of QOOBIX.

Well, you have created your campaign, QOOBIX has originated your landing page featuring your advertisement but it might lack vigor if it does not call your viewers to action.

Yes, QOOBIX allows you to insert your website on Step 2 (Campaign Location) and it also lets you display links to your social accounts and blog; however, a real call to action becomes effectual when you tempt your audience by means of a great piece of copy. If your promotional message is made like the way is meant to be, then it rouses people’s interest to the extent that they get the urge to go discovering your proposal. Remember, a promotional message must be concise and striking, never verbose. Few outstanding words to make them click and open your sales page are all you need.

Okay, let’s say you want your audience to land on a specific page.

How do you place this call to action?

This is not complicated!

At Step 3 (Reward) you find the Terms box where you specify the terms for your campaign, or let your prospects know what they are expected to receive. This field accepts some html code. No worries, you don’t need to be a trained programmer to do this.

Let’s assume you sell kids’ clothes through your physical and/or online store. This applies to every business; brick-and-mortar or online, or both, it does not make any difference, not in this case at least.

Therefore, you are campaigning to let people know about your new store and you want to reward your customers with 20% off on the new collection of shoes and fashion for kids.

You will want to make a message like this,

Discover the new beautiful kids’ wear collection at our new store in London. Buy within January 6 and get 20% off on shoes, fashion and accessories. Click here and enjoy the awesome!

So, the click here phrase is the one supposed to link to your page, presumably a sales page.

You then will want to add the sentence into the Terms box like this:

Discover the new beautiful kids’ wear collection at our new store in London. Buy within January 6 and get 20% off on shoes, fashion and accessories. <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Click here</a> and enjoy the awesome!

Replace with your real URL and you are done.

This is what you insert into the Terms box

terms box cta

And this is what your landing page displays

cta landing page

Use an online editor.

Now, you might need an easier tool to help you get this done.

Well, click here and open this HTML online editor. It is easy and fast.

online editor

Write your message into the box on the left and get the html code from the box on the right.

Copy and paste the code into the Terms box, that’s all!

Isn’t that cool?

Well, needless to say that you may use your WordPress, or equivalent, editor to craft your message. Nonetheless, if you use these tools, you are proficient and you don’t need this advice, do you?

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