What is QOOBIX UID and How it Works

We made QOOBIX a breeze, a powerful marketing tool to increase brand awareness and attract customers, and here is how it works.

The concept is very simple. QOOBIX is a web, mobile responsive, platform and a powerful app—download here (only android at the moment)—to help you boost your digital marketing results in a simple yet effective way. The one function platform makes available a feature called UID (Unique Identifier). Its purpose is to link a personal code/word to a specific web page as set up by the owner of the UID.

In short, you are allowed to associate your UID to a URL of your choice. When people type your UID in the box at QOOBIX, they are redirected to your page. Of course, you can change your URL at any time, although you cannot change the UID.

UID, learn more.

The UID—short for Unique Identifier, or URL Identifier—is your personal code to redirect your visitors from the QOOBIX Platform to any page on the web.

This was first made to create a simple PIN of 1 to 4 digits. Now, it allows you to create a longer string up to 50 characters using letters (A to Z), numbers (0 to 9) plus @ and # symbols. Combine each character the way you like and get your UID, that is, your QOOBIX word for driving people where you want them to land.

The UID is not case sensitive; so, you can pick for example “hallo” as your UID and no matter how they type the word in the QOOBIX box, it redirects to the URL you have set.

QOOBIX is like a game. The logic is the more you UIDers use this powerful marketing tool and spread the word, the more people will look for you through QOOBIX, until it becomes usual and you can take advantage of owning your unique PIN or word and get people right where you want to.

Please, don’t get us wrong, we are not naïve, nor are we the village idiot, THIS DOES NOT REPLACE GOOGLE. It is not a way of avoiding the difficulties of ranking in Google. It is a way of carving out your space in the Internet by owning your own distinguishing mark, i.e. your word that no one can steal or compete, contend, fight against you. It’s yours as long as you keep your QOOBIX account alive.

Sign up

The only data we require when you sign up is your email. We do not require your credit card.


In order to start your registration, you need to accept our legal terms.

Your privacy is important to us, and you are required to check and agree with our user agreement. Important information about what you are allowed to do when using QOOBIX is published on our terms. For example, you are not permitted to use QOOBIX in order to redirect to any web page showing illegal or unethical content. Erotica, porn, violent, tobacco, and drug related content is strictly forbidden, among other things. Check terms to make sure how to use QOOBIX safely. If we find you do not comply with our terms, your account will be closed and no refund will ever be acknowledged. Again, please, check our Terms of Service.

Once you register, you receive an email to confirm your account. Please, remember to change your password, do not keep using the one you received at sign up. You’ll also receive a bonus code in order to get your free UID.

Is it free?

You are granted one free UID, and then you can purchase more if you need them.

Yes, because you can create as many UIDs as you need now. We offer the first for free, and then you pay the additional ones for just 10 US$ a year.

Your account and free UID will never expire. As for further UIDs you purchase, feel free to renew or just let them terminate. No paid subscription is ever required. There are no commitments. You are welcome to use your free UID as long as you want, and of course you can cancel your account at any time.

Payments are operated by Paypal, so we never ask you, nor do we store, your financial information. Paypal is safe and you don’t even need a Paypal account in order to pay.

The QOOBIX Platform

When you type qoobix.net you land to this page.


If you type an existing UID into the box—for example, try and type in 0—and then press enter or the “GO” button, you will land to the page the owner of the UID has set with the purpose of letting users get to his or her page.

Before, you could get just one UID, now you can have as many as you like. Remember, only the first is free, if you need more you pay US$ 10/year each.


As you can see, on the footer menu at QOOBIX there are some functions ready for you. Apart from the Legal and How it works links, below the copyright message are the links to Sign up, Login, and enter your Profile. Once again, sign up is totally free and no credit card is required.

Once you’ve signed up and confirmed your account, you will receive an email with your password. Change your password as soon as you log in. You then will receive another email from us with your bonus code to activate your free UID for life.

When you confirm your account, you will be redirected to the main page. Scroll down and you can see that you are logged in.


Click on Profile to enter the admin side.

Profile page

So, now you’re inside the profile page


You can start the process and set your UID.

Set up your UID

As soon as you start typing in the UID field a button appears. It allows you to check if the string you entered is valid, that is, you picked an available UID. You can also insert a reference in order to name your UID, which is useful if you have more than one. Therefore, type your UID and press the “Check” button.

Q 1-2

If it is not available you are warned by a sign of no entry, like this


Try with another combination.

You can choose numbers, letters, @ or # (only these 2 symbols—@ and #—no other), and of course any combination of numbers, letters and @ or #. Keep into account that you can set any combination you  like up to 50 digits.

Please, choose wisely, once created, it cannot be changed, the only option is to buy a new one.


When you repeat the process—that is, you type in the UID and press the “check” button—and succeed, you can choose to cancel by clicking on the “CANCEL” button, or tick off the box in order to confirm.


Once you confirm you need to proceed with payment. Insert a bonus code if you have one and click on the “Pay now” button to start the process. Yes, no worries, we told we offer your first UID free for life, didn’t we? Sure thing, we don’t go back on our promises, just keep reading.


Transactions are operated by Paypal, so you can rest assured we do not see, nor can we store, your financial information. Paypal is the securest and safest method for online payments. You don’t need a Paypal account in order to purchase, you are welcome to use your credit or debit card, indeed.

The UID works on a yearly basis. Thus, your UID is valid for the next 12 months after purchasing. Feel free to renew or just leave it, no contracts and no obligations! There is no Paypal subscription to accept, renew or leave as you like.

Once you have completed the purchase, insert the URL visitors are redirected to when they type your UID into the search box at QOOBIX.


Price and Bonus code.

The price for the UID is just US$10/year. It is a very low price for this great feature. Give it a thought! Instead of remembering a complicated and long URL, people can reach you out just typing a simple string of few digits or a memorable word. Being able to play with such a large string makes it more pliable to a wider range of purposes.

Activate Your Bonus Code

Since you are given a bonus code, just type it into the box and click on “Pay now”


You are redirected to this page


Click on the button the reads “Register (No payment)” and you are done! Enjoy your UID, free for life!

How the UID works.

Let’s say you picked “shoes” as your UID and then you linked your UID to yourdomain.com. When people go to QOOBIX and type shoes they are redirected to yourdomain.com on clicking the GO button, or press enter.


You are free to change your URL whenever you want. Keep your eyes peeled for further information about the UID by following this blog. Remember that, by using QOOBIX, you agree with our AGREEMENT.

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