Hashtags and How They Influence SEO

Ever wonder about hashtags and how they influence SEO?

What a Hashtag is?

A hashtag is a discovery tool that has been used extensively on social media. It is utilized as a stream of conversation as well as a function of search by both social media users and brands. A hashtag is a word or group of words that follow a pound mark (#), more commonly referred to as a hash mark. Generally, they are used to identify conversations on a given topic on a social media stream.


One major benefit associated with hashtags is that they increase the visibility of your activity to the audience out there, both on search engines and social media. For a marketer, hashtags can be a way of engaging their brand with the market. As such, marketers have developed a variety of marketing strategies that are dependent on hashtags.

Brand Hashtags

One of these market strategies entails the use of brand hashtags, also referred to as campaign hashtags. These are hashtags that are created specifically for your brand. For instance, a company may create a hashtag containing the name of their company or product. A marketer may also choose to use trending hashtags. These hashtags seize the trends of the moment. They are extremely useful if you are posting content related to them.

However, hashtags depend on a diverse set of rules with every specific social media channel. Therefore, it would be unwise to apply the same Search Engine Optimization strategy to all of them, since they all of them have different approaches to Search Engine Optimization.


Nowadays, hashtags mean discovering, networking, building opportunities as well as advertising. They also mean loads and loads of traffic. Most search engines have been indexing social media posts for a while now. Marketers should thus double down on hashtags in their advertising endeavors. By adopting this strategy, they can secure their brands with a variety of opportunities that can have their brand as well as activity placed in search engine results.

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