Go reward-based marketing, you can’t go wrong!

Many names are used for the practice of reward-based marketing, among which reward-based advertising, incentives, and value exchange. Maybe even some more. All this comes into the permission-marketing frame. Why? Because this method is designed to reach people with captivating messages that do not interrupt them. Ask for permission, and perhaps they’ll be willing to listen.

The time when brands and advertisers used to fight with consumers is over, now it’s time to respect what customers want and particularly respect people, period.

Stop interrupting people

Intrusive banners, unexpected emails, videos and ads that pop up out of the blue or interfere while consuming content have become unbearable, we are all fed up! People want to get access to information not ads.

In addition, it is not useful anymore to place ads that users can avoid and put out.

When people are reading articles or engaging with content or games over the web, they don’t want to waste their time at watching commercials and browsing your site, not unless they have something in return, at the very least.

So, stop interrupting people with awful banners and sickening pop-ups in the hopes they grab your offers, which normally are not even properly designed to suit their needs.

This is where QOOBIX comes in

That’s why we decided to make QOOBIX, a platform to create reward-based marketing campaigns. QOOBIX enables you to advertise your brand and products by means of simple, neat, and beautiful landing pages that you can share with your audience and based on permission-marketing, so that people deliberately interact with them and no need for ad-blocking systems. You are not going to do business with reluctant people, are you?

Yes, the best part of this game is that they will be interested in engaging with your campaigns because they are rewarded. Let’s put it like this, you create reward-based campaigns so that your customer collect a reward and you collect their loyalty and boost your sales.

A rewarding experience

It is indeed, rewarding for both you and your customers.

Value exchange ads, or reward-based ads, are providing the best results in the industry today, and they are particularly appreciated by mobile users, currently the largest audience. And, of course, QOOBIX is fully responsive and comes with its own mobile app too.

Make your ads stand out

When you place offers, do not stop at emphasizing good prices and discounts; go beyond, give something to your customers in recognition of their devotion. This is the best way to engage with your audience and, as you will see, QOOBIX got everything to let you attain your end and build brand awareness, customer loyalty, and finally increase your sales.

Easy and Effective

No need to use complicate and uncertain tools. All you need is a quick and simple platform that lets you create beautiful and enticing landing pages to show your campaigns, and they must be extremely efficient and successful at the same time.

At QOOBIX, we made the entire process a breeze so that you can get people engaging with your value exchange ads, messages, pictures and videos. As a recent study disclosed, people are far more likely to purchase after engaging in a reward-based advertisement.

Another recent research made by Woobi, revealed that reward-based marketing on the web makes customers twice as likely interact with brands as compared to TV.

Interruptive advertisements are unable to create interaction and so they are useless at engaging customers.

Never force people to watch your ads

First, you must always give people an option; the worst practice you may ever implement is to force them to endure your ads. More and more consumers are using ad blockers, and, as Google informs, about half of the digital video commercials go unseen. It is no surprise that Google is using reward-based advertising, and so are other giants in the industry.

We welcome you all

We are happy to welcome You all next Saturday, November 25th, 2017 when QOOBIX will officially start its journey through the world wide web.

Don’t miss it, check QOOBIX.COM

Thank you one and all!!

P.S. Hey wait a minute!

Did we mention that QOOBIX is free? Yes, it is, and even more pleasant surprises are coming. Stay tuned!!

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