Function Keys and Shortcuts

Here is a list of Function Keys Shortcuts to many of the more frequently used commands.

Key        Function

F1           Help Contents

F2           Copy Column*

F3           Find Next

F4           Repeat Last Command*

F5           Data Display

F6           Change Directory

F7           Delete current row*

F8           Edit cell*

F9           Edit Column Attributes*

F10         Update Data*

F11         Fill Column*

F12         Copy RTF table

Key        Ctrl+Key

F1           Search for help on

F2           Cut Column*

F3           Change Factor Levels*

F4           Close Window

F5           Freeze Columns*

F6           Cycle through non- iconic windows

F7           Delete Empty Rows and Columns*

F8           Toggle Enter key*

F9           Sort Column*

F10         Create New Spreadsheet

F11         Fill column using list*

F12         Copy Factor levels/labels*

Key        Shift+Key

F1           Help on word

F2           Paste Column*

F3           Find Previous

F4           Tile Vertically

F5           Go Back*


F7           Delete Current Column*

F8           Toggle Cell Navigation*

F9           Convert Column*

F10         Open Spreadsheet with data from GenStat*

F11         Calculate Column*

F12         Copy rectangle

Key        Alt+Key


F2           New spreadsheet from Clipboard

F3           Insert Column before current column*

F4           Exit

F5           Summary Stats*

F6           Goto Last Spreadsheet

F7           Delete Selected Rows*

F8           Toggle Temp Missing cell*

F9           Restrict by values*

F10         Add data from GenStat*

F11         Recalculate Column*

F12         Copy HTML table

Key        Ctrl+Shift+Key


F2           Copy tabbed text to Clipboard

F3           Standardize Column*



F6           Reverse cycle through non-iconic windows

F7           Delete Empty Columns*

F8           Toggle Paste Asterisk*

F9           Restrict/Using Factor Levels*

F10         ODBC Data Query*

F11         Factor Product*

F12         Paste Factor levels/labels*

Key        Ctrl+Alt+Key


F2           Duplicate Column*

F3           Insert Multiple Columns*




F7           Delete Restricted Rows*

F8           Code column to Factor*


F10         Update all data to GenStat*

F11         Fill a column with Dates*

F12         Set Factor Reference level*

Key        Shift+Alt+Key


F2           Add from Clipboard*

F3           Insert Column after current column*

F4           Tile Horizontally



F7           Delete Selected Columns*


F9           Remove Restriction*

F10         Add from file*

F11         Recode*

F12         Remove unused factor levels*

·         Key assignments marked with * relate to spreadsheet functions only.

F# Keys General Functions


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