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Email Marketing. Joys and Sorrows

Email marketing is still said to be leading the marketing tactics with a 4400% ROI and $44 for every $1 spent.

True or not, these figures have been showing on hundreds of blogs for quite some time. There are those who keep bombarding the web singing its praises and how you should implement it in your strategy.

Every time someone comes up with the idea of terminating with it, they are gently insulted.

In reality, why dismiss something that works?

On the whole, so many businesses and marketers benefit from this method. They establish a very profitable direct relationship with their customers and for those who know how to play this game, sending out millions of emails to their audience converts in reaping big return. Very sorry for those who are not happy to get their inbox stuffed with unsolicited emails.

It is perfectly reasonable that many of them encourage using email marketing. They bring grist to their own mill, no surprise. You don’t kill the goose that lays the golden eggs—Apart from those who slavishly repeat what the so-called authorities say, of course. Let’s digress.

But there is never one only mantra. The web is a universe with so many stars. So, there are those who proudly affirm that email marketing is dead and now the latest thing is marketing automation.

As if to say, “Steak is not trendy anymore. Eat hamburgers!”

Either way, nothing changes for the cattle.

Actually, marketing automation is largely email marketing but with more insights, e.g. segmentation.

Nonetheless, while waiting for the gurus to show us the way, we keep receiving tons of emails—and beyond reason though.

In fact, Campaign Monitor considers Email Automation among email marketing practices; what else? Check the post here

This is another article about Email Campaign Stats published by MailChimp.

The point here is, “Is there any way to reduce the gigantic mass of emails that chokes our inboxes every day?”

Even ticking off all those messages and dumping without ever opening a single one is particularly time-consuming. And boring!

How many times you subscribe to a blog for receiving notifications of new posts and they use your email to send you offers for this and that? Isn’t that unsolicited emails? Not to mention when you receive emails from websites you have never visited and known they existed.

Certainly, email marketing is not synonym of incorrectness. Spam and more practices that are inappropriate are another kettle of fish, needless to say.

However, the huge amount of junk and unsolicited emails we are receiving on a daily basis, dangerously spoils the effectiveness of email marketing itself.

Even more important, people have the right to feel free, none of us likes to be harassed.

A solution is more than necessary!

Any hint?

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