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Email-free marketing. A new way of being light.

Email-free marketing sounds good. It really conveys a feel of lightness.

As the owner of Sienda ltd, and as a certified inbound marketer, I made a decision.

We’re going to quit email marketing forever! Yes, no more emails. This approach, in reality, has never had much of a room in our marketing strategy.

We have never been harassing people with emails; it has never been in our vein of business, indeed.

Email marketing is not free!

Free accounts from email marketing services are limited and you must consider investing some money in order to automate your email process. Besides, however they are well equipped with features and templates; it takes time to set up a professional email. So many small and micro entrepreneurs fail to count their time as money, except that is too damn late when they find out it’s a big mistake!

The famous equation 1 dollar spent in email marketing = 43 dollars in profit is not true for everybody. This is marketing, hell, not science!

If one has an affiliate link to a marketing automation platform, they are definitely interested in making you believe that trick will work for you too.

Our plan.

The only emails we will keep collecting are those from our readers who delight in reading our blogs and those who subscribe to our online services! And, yes, also emails from those who contact us via our forms.

Nobody will have to be afraid of interacting with our blogs and services. Not only are they not going to be spammed, we will never send them commercial emails either. This will be made clear and stated in our policy notice and wherever necessary.

What we are going to do with your email?

We use WordPress, as you know, and each email to followers is equipped with the proper unsubscribe feature.

Consent and all it concerns, will be made through the new GDPR policy, which will come into effect as of May 25.

If you are a subscriber of QOOBIX, or other services we manage, then—apart from emails to confirm your account when subscribing, and possibly some in case of important communications about technical or legal issues—you will never get emails from us asking you for buying this, looking into that, and so forth. In general, if we have something to say, we will post it. So, as a blog subscriber, you’ll receive emails every time a new post gets published.

Yes, we will use our blogs to communicate with our users and readers, and, maybe in the near future, we will implement some messaging app, if it fits with our goals and does not represent a nuisance to our audience.

Why this decision?

Well, don’t get me wrong, although we recently posted here about the heaviness—arrogance?—of email marketing, we’re not declaring war to email marketing. I don’t want to be caught in the middle of such a useless fight. I am not much of a lover of rashly indignation. It just takes a wave of senseless resentment, against what and who?, and the web soon gets flooded with pompous announcements, which sound a lot like Jacobin verdicts.

Witch-hunt is not my forte, let alone being after someone’s head!

Thus, do not think that I want to besmirch all you guys who keep making big money with your huge email lists, nor am I able to do that.

A transparent and light way of communicating.

I want people to perceive our web creations and tools as light as a feather. Not to mention that, I prefer to invest money in advertising, SEO and mobile apps. I see no use in enhancing a method I myself deem as a stinging bother, since I get particularly annoyed when I receive tons of emails which I could not keep up with even if I had twice the time I am being given as a mortal in this marvelous planet.

Therefore, we’re going to improve our social interactions, work for better SEO, strive to produce killer content in all the fields we operate, and implement a suitable mobile strategy if anything.

After all, this is also a good way of taking advantage of the new opportunities in the wake of the General Data Protection Regulation.

That’s all, have a great time and paint the town red!!

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