Giosg. Chat Done Right

Chat done right is what your business definitely wants! Not all chat software was made equal.

This is not the usual trite and boring chat software. This is something extraordinary, like everything we do commit to publishing here at QOOBIX.

Giosg is a Finnish company –our partner (yes!)– which creates amazing tools to help businesses enhance their performance.

Giosg developed a suite including Live Chat, Interaction Designer, AI Target.

The Live Chat tool is amazingly successful at attracting website visitors.

With Giosg’s chat software you are where your customers are and engage with your most potential prospects.

You can speed up your sales process by targeting conversations to prospects who are ready to buy.

You can improve customer experience and provide real-time support for your prospects and customers.

By means of Interaction Designer, Giosg makes it quite easy to create and publish interactive content. It’s a no coding tool everyone can use. You can create pop-up ads, campaign banners, button-based chatbots, contact forms, polls, quizzes and more.

With the Artificial Intelligence Target tool, you are able to identify your most potential customers and maximize your online performance. Giosg AI Target analyses millions of behavioral patterns and identifies how likely each website visitor is to convert.

Yes, Giosg is chat software done right, no doubt!

It’s all about Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing, also called conversation marketing, is an approach used to drive engagement. It develops two-way conversation between your brand and the customer. As a consequence, it favors customer loyalty as well as the growth of your customer base, all resulting in more revenue.

It is not so hard to understand that the necessity here is to pay attention to what your customer wants. It then requires integrating some feedback tools into your marketing strategy. You’ve got to connect with the customer on a one-to-one basis if you aim at developing your brand.

This is not something you can consider, this is something you have to leverage, period!

Giosg chat done right

Chatbots you can’t go without!

Of course, with Giosg you can build interactive chatbots, reducing your manual labor.

Chatbots are definitely useful for enhancing your website performance and getting you more leads with targeted interactions.

Giosg turns your website into a marketing machine. It is the conversational marketing revolution done right! The Chat Software you were waiting for!!

Check Giosg here, you can’t go wrong!!