AGREEMENT (User Agreement)


This policy governs all of the QOOBIX Websites ( – – and more if any, including any subdomain, web and mobile app)​.
​QOOBIX web and mobile app (the “Service,” the “Platform,” “QOOBIX web and/or mobile applications).

QOOBIX is a system for creating and publishing reward-based marketing campaigns, it endorses and uses permission-marketing practices, and it is free to use although it includes some paid features for more demanding business users (advertisers). It is free to sign up and does not require any credit/debit card. You don’t need to pay for pro features in order to run your business campaigns.

The information contained on all of the QOOBIX websites (.com/.net/.blog/space etc., including subdomains) and mobile app (the “Service”) is for general information purposes only.

QOOBIX assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the contents on the Service.

This document recaps all the documents that form the User Agreement (AGREEMENT) that includes all of the rules and policies that govern the QOOBIX platform/websites/web and mobile apps, and blogs.
If you navigate, sign up for an account, download the mobile app, or use in any way the QOOBIX Platform (QOOBIX.COM – QOOBIX.NET – QOOBIX.BLOG plus any subdomain and mobile apps), also called QOOBIX or the Service, or the Platform, you must agree and comply with this AGREEMENT.
Please, read carefully, as you are requested to confirm you understand and agree with these Policies when using this platform and its related applications and websites both as an advertisers and a viewer (visitor).
Feel free to disagree, in which case, please, abandon this website and disconnect from all of its applications.
No refunds
In the event that your QOOBIX account is terminated due to violation of this AGREEMENT, you will not be refunded any amounts that have been paid towards the use of the Service (QOOBIX). In addition, it is specified that there will be no refund for paid features at QOOBIX due to the digital nature of the service (see more on ToS).

Special notice to advertisers

Advertisers are warned to act honestly, respect our policies, abide by the law, and be clear with their audience and customers. Criminal, Unlawful, Deceitful, and Disrespectful behavior won’t be accepted. If you do not stick to the rules, your account will be closed and never reinstated and no amount will ever be refunded.

Special notice to viewers

Viewers and customers are informed that by applying to a campaign at QOOBIX their email addresses will be disclosed to advertisers. The system is based on permission marketing, so, by participating to a reward-based campaign, you accept to send your email to the advertiser. We are not responsible for the use that advertisers will make of your emails other than the service provide at QOOBIX (e.g. by means of other tools and software).

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this AGREEMENT.
The words Service and QOOBIX alternatively indicate and define exactly the same thing, that is the entire platform developed at QOOBIX.NET, QOOBIX.COM, QOOBIX.BLOG and any subdomain, with all its functions and including all web and mobile apps.


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For inquiries about this Agreement, please, report to info(at) Sienda ltd, Third Floor 207 Regent Street, W1B 3HH London, UK

Last updated November 25, 2017