marketing episode 1

About Marketing – Episode #1

We publish some infographics here to clarify some fundamental aspects of marketing.

Preliminary Remarks

First thing first, do not think marketing is the savior of your business.
If your product or service sucks, then no marketing strategy will ever make up for this fail.
If you are a real entrepreneur, and not a fool seeking fortune, you certainly doubt of those swindlers who publicize improbable methods to become filthy rich in a few weeks. Things that would make a horse laugh, although the world seems to house enough turkeys who buy that crap.
Likewise, don’t fall for those who tell you your sales will soon boost only by using a couple of powerful marketing tricks. For if your business is not well organized, does not produce something that people demand, or the quality of what it produces is very poor, chances are you will never succeed. No matter how advanced, beautiful, and refined are your marketing techniques.

Keep this in mind, it is one of our set pieces we tell all of our customers.

What does a business need to start implementing good marketing?

In the first place, you need organization. It is not possible to start a serious marketing in a disorganized business. Confusion and business do not agree. Never fail to remember!

You also need skills! If nobody in your organization is able to receive marketing guidance and then translate it into practice, well, you’d better renounce.

In most small business, one person—usually the owner—accomplishes the three functions of “Head, Marketing Manager and Sales Manager.”

This is not important. What matters here is that someone must be able to understand the marketing strategy and carry out everything it implies. No marketing consultant can offset this. It does not depends on how much he or she is capable and proficient. They are specialists who guide you and advise resorting to professional practices and high knowledge so that you may get the best strategy implemented with the best methods and tools, however, they are not part of your company. They help you convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat customers, but they are not meant to finalize your sale process. In other words, you are in charge, you own your business.

Never mess up with roles.

The entrepreneur, and the management, must have the necessary business knowledge to plan what’s best for their company. They manage their business, and they should know their product, market and customers.

Marketing agencies, or marketing consultants, help businesses plan their marketing strategy in order to become effective and raise brand awareness, with the consequence that they sell more. Of course, marketing experts are there to implement the best marketing plan possible, and they can because they are specialists and know things that entrepreneurs and managers often ignore. That’s why marketing consultants are there.

The web master, and the web department in general, must care about creating and streamlining the various tools that implement the strategy. They are not marketing experts, and they cannot replace them.

These three roles are distinct, different. They can never be interchangeable.

To each his/her own. Remember.

Strategy is King.

A real and effective marketing plan starts with programming a strong strategy. Strategy is king.

Your marketing strategy is created through specific methods, and then implemented by tactics and tools.

So, for example, facebook, twitter or other social media are not your strategy, they are tools to implement your marketing strategy.

Which social media to use, and how, is part of your tactics (the actions you take and the means you use to achieve a goal—that are defined in your strategy), and depends on your customers behavior. Yet, we will discuss this topic in the next episode.


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