Instagram for small businesses

5 Tips That Your Small Business Can Use to Build a Brand on Instagram

Instagram for small business is becoming more and more important.

Building a brand presence on Instagram is key to getting your brand out to customers. Our tips for Instagram for small businesses will help you succeed at communicating your brand and building loyalty within your customer base.

Why Instagram is important!

With the rise of Instagram as a social media force, it’s become imperative for businesses to use it. Currently, the platform’s daily active users stand at about 500 million people worldwide. Using Instagram for small businesses boosts their brand and their marketing.

Instagram allows you to connect with customers and display your products. It gives you a wide reach of potential customers who you can engage with. Moreover, it can boost sales when you display photos of satisfied customers.

Unfortunately, many business owners don’t know where to begin when using Instagram. Keep reading to learn how to build your brand on the platform. Yes, because Instagram for small business is not something you should neglect.

Using Instagram for Small Businesses

About 35 percent of Americans say they use Instagram. This is an increase from 2016 of about seven percentage points. As such, using Instagram for small businesses is an option to outdo your competitors. So, you’ll learn how to use Instagram for small business.

Here are five tips to help you build your brand on Instagram:

1. Establish Your Online Presence

Instagram allows you to set up a dedicated page for your business. Here, you get to post relevant content on what you do and what you offer. Since many people spend a lot of time online, this platform gives you an opportunity to connect with them.

As a result, customers can visit your page and view the targeted marketing content. You get to do a bit of remarketing by reposting previous content as well. This keeps your products or services at the top of their minds.

Your page also provides your contact information. This can include your location, phone number, or a link to your website and blog. This makes it easier to convert new customers.

2. Get to Use Video Marketing

People say videos are the future of content. That’s because people prefer to watch rather than read. Thereby, videos allow you to speak to the audience and highlight your offerings.

Since people are visual, you can post videos showing your brand logos and products. You can introduce your staff and show how they treat customers. You can even use it to show customer reviews and testimonials.

3. Ability to Share Content

The only limit to growing your brand is if people aren’t interacting with it often. With an Instagram business, your audience tags and shares content with their friends. This gives you a bigger reach and more credibility in your industry.

Greater brand awareness makes people more comfortable with it. As you know, people want to buy from businesses they are familiar with. Thus, if you have an online presence and positive reviews, people will buy from you.

4. Use Paid Advertising

Instagram allows you to pay to promote business ads. You can promote various posts on your page and put a call-to-action. Instagram users will see these ads and click on them.

As such, you’ll get more exposure and an opportunity to sell to new customers.

5. Try Instagram Analytics

Instagram provides analytics to help you create and improve your marketing approach. The metrics will tell you what is working and what you need to change. In turn, this will improve your revenues, your reach, and impact.

Learn More About Digital Marketing

Using Instagram for small businesses will give you the means to boost your marketing. This leads to more customers, online engagement, and sales. Remember to be consistent with posting content and talking to customers online.

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