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5 Cloud Services Your Small Business Needs Right Now

Hey, we have 5 cloud services for small business here, which you should learn about.

Run your small business efficiently and securely with the power of the cloud. Our list will show you five cloud services for business you should check out right now.

Finding the right cloud service for your company is a bit like buying a car. You prioritize functionality and dependability, but you also want affordability and flair.

Therefore, selecting the right cloud services for small business may have you just as confused as going to the car dealership.

There are tons of cloud services out there and they all offer different functionalities and perks at varying rates. The key is to find the right project management system for your team that is easy for members to use and suits your project needs.

We’ve curated this list to show you some cloud-based services that you should consider using.

1. Asana

Asana lets users manage projects step-by-step with multiple team members. The program interface features

  • Timeline
  • List
  • Calendar
  • Conversations
  • Progress
  • Files

Your team can manage a project from conception to deployment all in one place. A member just has to add a task and upload the accompanying files to create milestones. Milestones help you track progress and measure the project’s timeline.

Asana can also integrate other applications like Slack and Dropbox into its platform to help things run smoothly. Users access the apps directly from Asana without leaving the platform.

Asana is free for up to 15 members, but if you want special features you’ll have to pay $9.99 per month.

2. Zoho One

The Zoho cloud service offers four different bundles:

  • CRM Plus
  • Workplace
  • Finance Plus
  • IT Plus

The CRM Plus bundle is for customer-facing teams with apps like customer survey and visitor tracking to maximize the customer experience.

The Workplace bundle combines multiple apps into one plan to help teams communicate better. The Showtime app lets users lead presentations from their smartphones.

Finance Plus streamlines the company’s financial process. Manage invoicing, sales orders, and expense reports from one app.

IT Plus is like an IT help desk management system. You receive a helpdesk dashboard that lets team members manage ticket requests.

3. HootSuite

HootSuite is one of those social media-focused cloud services for business.

HootSuite allows companies to schedule posts for their social media profiles, curate content by storing it in a cloud service, create search streams using hashtags, and approve outgoing content.

To help with scheduling, HootSuite created a calendar that lets you review upcoming posts.

But that’s only just the beginning. The analytical feature watches key metrics to help your company identify trends and profile growth.

The data can be used to build a customized report that team members export from the app.

Admin members can also track the performance of team members-how often they post or respond to comments-through the analytical dashboard.

HootSuite is free for up to three profiles. If you want to manage 10 or more you pay $30 per month.

4. Drip

Drip is a cloud service that handles marketing automation. It helps sales team understand their customers and organize sales efforts.

Drip lets users integrate E-commerce apps like Shopify and Eventbrite into their platform for easy access.

Automated workflows help marketers understand customer behavior and tailor their efforts to fit the customer profile.

Pre-built campaigns is an innovation that creates email marketing campaigns for you. to create your own emails, use the email builder to customize content.

Drip offers free cloud services for less than 100 subscribers. Anything more than that requires a $43 monthly fee.

5. AirTable

If you’re familiar with other business cloud services like Google Docs, then you’ll understand Airtable.

Airtable is formatted like a spreadsheet, but it has certain capabilities that go beyond typical spreadsheet functions. You can input links to other tables and add files directly to the sheet.

Organize tasks from low to high priority and arrange tasks on a calendar or in a gallery. The system also allows team members to create forms and publish content directly onto the company website.

Airtable is one of the best free cloud services because it allows you to do a lot on the platform. However, you can pay for even more features for just $10 per month.

The Best Cloud Services for Small Business

As you can see, there are many options available for cloud-based services. The ones we listed are some of the best cloud services for small business because they have unique features tailored to different personalities and needs.

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